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The Reason to Choose Dental Air Polishing

New technology is changing all areas of the way we live and dentistry is no exception. Air polishing is just that – it’s the practice of polishing the teeth using a stream of air that’s directed onto them. Airpolishing consists of directing, water, air and sodium bicarbonate towards the tooth or implant surface, resulting in efficient removal of bacterial plaque and soft mineralized deposits. Over the past few years, techniques have been perfected, and air polishing by dental air polisher is now believed to be a very safe, effective, and efficient way to remove stains from the teeth.

Studies have shown that air polishing is over three times faster at removing stains and plaque than traditional methods. This means less time in the portable folding chair for the patient and therefore fewer interruptions. Teeth are cleaned in a much less abrasive manner than scraping and polishing which also causes less damage to the teeth. Any small areas of decay are gently blasted away without the need to drill into the healthy structure of the tooth.

More recent technology produces a slurry by introducing the water stream into the powder-laden air stream, within the spray head at a critical moment, to produce a fully homogeneous stream that is emitted from a single nozzle. This stream technology configuration has not only been shown to prevent nozzle clogging by preventing the buildup of deposits, but also results in a much more efficient cleaning action because the slurry is formed prior to emission. Air polishing devices were originally designed to be standalone tabletop units. They have been considered to be the equipment of choice for the hygiene department, sometimes being combined with ultrasonic scaling devices.

They offer a large powder chamber holding enough powder for multiple treatments, along with the convenience of a lightweight, fully autoclavable handpiece design. They are activated by a dedicated foot control that can select either a polishing or rinse mode and they require connections to water, air and electrical outlets. As such, they are normally allocated to a particular treatment room.

Anyone who has ever cringed as a scraping tool digs into their gums or a polishing disc presses onto tooth enamel will welcome air polishing for its painless, fast and non-invasive method of cleaning. Even deep pockets and interproximal areas are easily reached without uncomfortable and potentially damaging probing by curettes and scrapers and with no instrument contact, the technique does not generate any heat or vibration. The non-toxic powder used in air polishing is also more pleasant and less gritty than the heavy paste used in traditional polishing. Air polishing powders with added flavors, such as spearmint, have even been developed for use in machines, making the experience even more pleasant.

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