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  • COXO® Endodontic Apex Locator Root Canal Finder III

    Manify the apex zone, display with 11 scales, precision can reach 0.1mm.With sonar alarm when it in narrow zone, and the sonar volume can by regulated.Auto-check when starts up, calibrate the data previously, remain the operation precision.The narrow zone of apex can be regulated by the doctor if it needed.

  • Best® BD402A Portable Dental Turbine Unit(Air Compressor+Suction System+Triplex Syringe)

    Portable dental unit is a novel, beautiful, complete functions, well-made lever type dental equipments. This unit reference foreign advanced technology, using the bag type design. Weighs 13 kg, the product have all the functions. The comprehensive dental therapy unit to operate more convenient and safe, greatly improve the efficiency of the doctor.

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  • Dental Impression Alginate Material Mixer Bowl+ Manual Lab Equipment

    raul : I am interested about your products but I have a few questions: -Which Australian certificates have your products? -Do you have any office or represents into Australia? -Do you give any course about your equipment to dental technicians? -Is it possible to visit your company or office? Please advise Thanks Raul Liccioni

  • Micro Welder Butane Soldering Torch Burner : HI I want buy a high speed hand piece. how long will it take for you to send it? what is the shipping company? Thanks

  • Micro Welder Butane Soldering Torch Burner : Hi There Can you please track my item.

  • Dental Impression Alginate Material Mixer Bowl+ Manual Lab Equipment

    adelaide : Hi there, Just a quick question- can your hand held X-ray machines be registered for in surgery use in South Australia? Any issues with Complience in SA? Regards Anna

  • Dental Impression Alginate Material Mixer Bowl+ Manual Lab Equipment

    josh0899 : Dear Alandental, i am interested in purchasing a portable dental unit for practicing during dental school. I like the following: Greeloy® GU-P206 Portable Dental Unit with Air compressor (with curing light and ultrasonic scaler) Do you recommend any particular model over this one? Does this come with a warranty/guarantee? Will this be compatible with Australian electrical outlets? Is the unit silent/how loud is the unit? Do you offer free shipping? Do you sell dental manakins for simulation practice? Regards, Josh

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